Providing massage therapists with training opportunities to enhance their skills to work safely and effectively with people living with cancer is a primary objective of Iris.  But beyond that, we want to provide a mechanism for patients to locate and contact therapists who have not only trained with Iris but who continue to meet our Charity's standards of care.  We also hope that, in time, medical professionals will point their patients to suitably qualified therapists.

We therefore encourage suitably qualified therapists to complete a formal registration process with Iris and gain access to a number of benefits.

Registered Therapists:

  • May use the Iris logo in their marketing literature and on their website as a badge of quality for as long as they remain registered with Iris and within the conditions of the Registered Therapist Code of Conduct
  • Have their details maintained in a Register on this website for anyone seeking a therapist who can provide massage for someone living with cancer
  • Are eligible to be paid to deliver service on behalf of Iris or volunteer on behalf of Iris
  • Can receive a copy of the regular Iris newsletter

Registration is open to therapists who have completed Iris Level 1 training and who meet a number of other conditions.  There is no initial registration fee at this time, although there is subsequently an annual registration charge of £10.

Volunteer Therapists

Iris, with support from the Voluntary Action Fund, has launched a Volunteer Massage Therapist scheme across Scotland.  The scheme offers therapists who have completed the 3 day Massage for People Living with Cancer course the opportunity to give a year's commitment working in a cancer support centre as a volunteer massage therapist.  Iris will provide full induction, in-service training, ongoing support and supervision.

The Voluntary Action Fund's aim is to increase volunteering from people in the following categories:

  • Carers, part-time or full-time
  • Unemployed or returning to work, low income
  • Physical & mental health conditions
  • Black & minority ethnic communities
  • LGBT
  • Single parents
  • Under 25/over 50
  • People affected by abuse

There are also a number of places on the scheme for volunteers not in any of the above categories.

If you are interested in volunteering please email Iris at with a personal statement detailing why you are interested in this opportunity, plus email addresses for 2 referees who can provide a reference.