As part of our programme of continuous improvement both in support of the massage therapies we offer and in the curriculum of education we provide, we will remain up to date with latest research thinking and, where possible or appropriate, contribute to furthering the understanding of any potential physiological benefits of massage therapy to people diagnosed with cancer.

Types of Research

We will use research to ensure continuous improvement , by:

  • Conducting surveys with people diagnosed with cancer to identify their needs and requirements in terms of different therapy approaches
  • Conducting surveys with massage therapists to understand how best to attract therapists to our courses and support their continuing work
  • Undertaking various approaches to evaluation and research with people diagnosed with cancer, massage therapists and other relevant stakeholders to ensure the approaches to education and services remain current and relevant


Examples of activity undertaken to date has included:

Looking forward

  • Carrying out scoping research and using focus groups to discover what people living with cancer would like from the Iris service