Can you donate some time to Iris?

There are a number of ways in which you can give some time to Iris, on an ongoing basis or as a one-off activity.

Offer your skills and talents

  • Become an Iris Volunteer Massage Therapist

This gives therapists who have completed the 3 day Massage for People Living with Cancer course the opportunity to give a year's commitment working in a cancer support centre as a volunteer massage therapist.  Iris will provide full induction, in-service training, ongoing support and supervision.  Click here to find out more information on the scheme.

  • Help shape Iris by joining the Board of Trustees or the Management Team

We aim to blend a mix of skills to support our multi-disciplinary approach, with clinical and medical practitioners and hospice/cancer centre staff or volunteers particularly welcome at the moment.  Please contact if you would like to explore this further.

  • Offer your talents on an as-required basis

Skills in the legal, IT and admin areas would be especially useful to us.  If you could spare a modest amount of time helping on specific tasks or projects please contact

Help promote Iris

  • Be part of the public face of Iris by helping with marketing, PR and campaigning.

Fundraise for us

Our fundraising activities would simply not be possible without valuable help from our supporters, volunteers and members.  Each year our supporters introduce new fundraising activities via their family, friends and work colleagues.  We are always here to help, guide and assist you with your fundraising campaign and to hear about your wonderful fundraising efforts!

  •  Organise a fundraising event

Chill & Donate - this fundraising event is very close to our hearts.  It is designed for therapists and Iris members to offer family members, friends, neighbours and work colleagues an evening or afternoon of complementary therapies, usually in the therapist's or member's home, workplace or diverse community settings, in return for a donation to Iris Cancer Partnership.  It can also include themes such as a different culture or country, and wonderful snacks and buffets are often involved!  There are no limits to the fantastic creativity of our supporters.  Find out more information here

Sponsored events - these can be runs, walks, swims, cycling, or even silence

Some fundraising ideas:

      • Auction of Promises - Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time, or use of their belongings
      • Bring a pound to Work - Ask your colleagues to bring a pound into work in aid of Iris
      • Competition - Hold a competition at work, home or at a club.  Could be sport related, scrabble,bridge, anything you fancy
      • Dinner Party -Invite your friends around and charge them for a three or four course meal
      • Exercise - Hold a sponsored Zumba party
      • Film Show at your house - For friends and family
      • Golf Competition - Organise a charity golf day
      • Halloween Ball -Sell tickets to a fancy dress ball or party
      • Jumble Sale -People love a good rummage and its always a good fundraiser
      • Karaoke Evening -Ask your local pub to host a karaoke night for you and charge for entry
      • Lunch Money -Ask your colleagues to bring in sandwiches for lunch and donate the money they saved to charity
      • Match the Pet to the Owner - Ask your colleagues to bring in a photo of themselves and one of their pet.  Charge people £1 a time to match all the photographs
      • Nominated charity – Ask your employer to consider Iris if they operate a corporate charity scheme, or nominate Iris to other organisations looking to support charities
      • Open Day - If you have a colourful garden, let all those garden lovers come and admire, for a charge
      • Quiz Nights - Always a favourite whether it is at home or work, in a club or in your local.  Charge people to take part.
      • Race Night - Hold a race night at your club or local pub
      • Shocking Tie Day - Those who take part are asked to donate £1, those who don't pay a forfeit of £2
      • Treasure Hunt -A challenge event for people and a fun way to raise money
  • Help at an Iris fundraising event

If you would be willing to provide an extra pair of hands to help at an Iris event please contact  This could be something like a supermarket bag pack, a public or private collection,  or a musical evening