Our goal is to establish Scotland as a centre of excellence in massage for people living with cancer by increasing the availability of training for qualified therapists.

An integral part of this process has been the bringing together of a multi-disciplinary team to collaborate to design, develop, implement and sustain a curriculum in cancer massage.  Therapists will learn to adapt massage therapy techniques to work safely and effectively with people who have been given a cancer diagnosis.  This specialised practice requires therapists to pay close attention to the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of clients, in all stages of cancer and cancer treatment, as well as post-treatment.  The training ensures that a consistent standard of skill will be applied in whichever environment the patient/client chooses to receive their therapy, eg in a clinic, a spa or in their own home.

The two-tier curriculum has a modular approach so that therapists can develop levels of skill and specialism appropriate to the environment in which they work or wish to work, at a rate that suits their personal circumstances.  The courses delivered as part of the curriculum are described here, and the qualifications required to embark on the training programme are described here.

If you would like to find out more about oncology massage you may be interested in our two  hour 'Introduction to Oncology Massage' sessions which are delivered from a patient's perspective by massage therapists with personal experience of cancer.  Click here for more information on dates and locations.


Some images from Massage in the Oncology Setting 5 Day Hospital Intensive course