About IRIS Cancer Partnership

Iris Cancer Partnership started as a collaborative venture in 2009, with input from:

  • people with personal experience of cancer
  • medical and clinical staff
  • massage schools and therapists
  • researchers
  • representatives from a number of independent Scottish hospices and cancer care centres

It was established as a Scottish charity (SC041853) on 29 October 2010.

Our charitable object is 'the advancement of health and the relief of those in need by reason of ill-health, by providing and supporting other organisations in the provision of massage therapy specially adapted for those diagnosed with cancer'

Our charitable purpose is to provide free massage therapies by massage therapists trained in massage techniques specially adapted for people diagnosed with cancer.

We have 3 parts to our strategy to ensure that we deliver the right service and to a high quality

Meaning of the Iris Logo


Our logo represents the therapist with their arm around the person diagnosed with cancer to nurture and support.

Our thanks to Jay Dykes, Creative Designer, for designing our logo


 Fall 2010 "In Essence"  IPFA - International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists

 June 2010 "On the Massage Scene"  SMTO - Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation