Dr Alexander D Lewis BSc, PhD - Trustee and Director

I am an experienced consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with a background in oncology medical research and drug development (25 years).   I have worked with oncology companies such as Sanofi-Aventis, Roche and AstraZeneca on developing new anti-cancer agents and have published 36 peer reviewed research papers, two book chapters in an oncology handbook and filed a drug patent in oncology.

I worked at Cancer Research UK, Edinburgh; Stanford Medical Center Department of Oncology, Stanford USA; the Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow; and Quintiles Oncology, Edinburgh before moving to a global consultancy firm, Wood Mackenzie.  I am a member of American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO); British Association for Cancer Research (BACR); and American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).  I was a managing consultant with Wood Mackenzie for over nine years and was head of the company's Partnering and Due Diligence Practice located in Boston, USA.

I currently provide corporate, business development and strategic advice to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  I sit on the board as a non-executive director of Oxford Biomedica plc, an oncology focused gene therapy and UK public listed biotech company.  I am chair of the remuneration committee and sit on the audit committee for Oxford Biomedica and am also a non-executive director and board member of the privately held Scottish biotech company, EctoPharma Limited

Lorna Forrester - Trustee, Director and Company Secretary

I spent 15 years in the investment industry, mainly analysing UK companies, some Government bonds, international asset allocation, and currencies, until having a young family life encouraged me to retrain in Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology and become a self-employed therapist.

Having come from a business background, that was the area I knew most about, and so I targeted many companies and organisations within Edinburgh and the central belt of Scotland offering 'Corporate Massage - massage in the workplace'.  At a time when stress management was the buzz phrase and employment law was changing to put a larger emphasis on the employers' shoulders to show that they were trying to help their staff deal with stress, whether at work or at home, I set up On-Site Relaxation Ltd to offer massage services and health seminars to companies and their staff.  Those services have now been gratefully received by many companies, government agencies, supermarkets, TV companies, and 2 off-shore oil rigs, to name just a few.

Then in 2009 I bought Scottish Massage Schools, the school I had trained with, and had tutored and lectured for, for 7 years.  Offering a wide range of diploma courses and CPD workshops has put me in contact with a very large number of therapists, including Joyce Gillespie, the founding Trustee of Iris Cancer Partnership.  Through Scottish Massage Schools course offerings, Joyce now regularly talks to newly qualified Swedish Massage therapists about the importance of knowing how to work safely and effectively with people living with cancer.

Joannie McCutcheon - Trustee and Director

I joined Iris because I believe that cancer patients should have access to Massage Therapy no matter where they are on their cancer journey.  As a cancer patient I have benefited from Massage Therapy over the past 8 years...and still benefit.....

I graduated with a computing degree in 1992 and that took me to the Netherlands in 1997 for nearly 10 years.  Cancer diagnosis followed in 2005 and I came back to the UK in 2007 not realising how my working life would be changed for the better.  I was invited into the ECNO (Edinburgh Centre for Neuro Oncology) by Dr Robin Grant to support them technically in the building of the new Scottish organisation SANON's website.  Sometime later, in addition to that, I found myself being asked to support patients in their cancer journeys by both ECNO and also Maggie's Centre Edinburgh.  When students came to our department I was asked to support them in their integration as well as advising on the ways to present their work on the SANON website.  As a member of the Exec as both webmaster and patient representative I have presented at conferences over the years.

My current 'project' is doing a comparative research into the mortality rates of younger versus elderly Glioma patients (Glioma is a generic name for a type of brain tumour)

I realised after a while that my IT consulting skills combined with the recently acquired supportive work had taken me to a new, different meaning of 'work'.  It doesn't feel like work, but rather a vocation.  If I hadn't had cancer I would not be in the place I am now.  Through working over the years within the NHS and charities, I have interfaced with many people and gained so much knowledge of the workings of departments, professionals, and patients.

As I have experience working with many people on different levels within the NHS and charities, I am able to 'tap in' to the right people when Iris requires patients, cancer professionals etc.

My IT background will also serve well within Iris, along with my ability to speak Dutch as the Netherlands is one of the other countries Iris has links with.